力 下へ

Literal English

Down Force

This technique is a weaker variation Setsu-getsu-ka. It is the Setsu-getsu-ka at its weakest. The major difference between Chikaradaun and Setsu-getsu-ka is that it isn’t strong enough to absorb ki. This means that user isn’t shrouded in darkness however the aura does warp the space around them. What the aura does is disrupt the flow of ki around user. You can think of Chikaradaun as the physical force/pressure created from users released ki. It can be described as a ridiculously heavy ki swept out around user drowning the whole arena in its force. The technique causes a terrible weight to press down upon opponent. In addition it causes a stunning effect opponent is paralyzed by the power weighing them down and are barely even able to breath. While this technique is more effective against living individuals it works just as well against inanimate objects. Chikaradaun once again exemplifies the Kurosenkens similarities with a black hole. The Arashisenken is a star, Chikaradaun is the gravitational field of that star, and finally Setsu-getsu-ka is that star collapsing.

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