Chopper Rikishi


Compliance Squad Member



Combat Rank



Brute Strength, Regeneration

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Loves fighting, and sees no drama in bloodshed and death. Has a very laid-back attitude toward things that would offend human moralities, although he avoids most evil deeds. The most glaring exception being his fondness for starting fights with other people just for the thrill of it.

Joined the Protection Committee as part of bet on a match with Ranma. Despite thinking of it as something of a chore, he takes the committment seriously, especially as he sees it as a good chance to get in lots brawls. Chopper really doesn't understand the big deal behind the Protection Committee, being a strong enough monster that he's never needed or wanted their help, and tends to just carry out his superiors' orders without thinking about it. Although he can be quite dim, and always way too eager to fight someone out of his league, he doesn't seem to have many problems getting by in school.

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