A panda and a young man entered the village during the annual tournament of the tribe. While the fights took place the young man, namely Ranma, remained oblivious to everything around him. The panda, on the other hand, ate the first prize of the tournament. This obviously didn't make the champion very happy. The panda, upon noticing the sword in Shampoo's hand, panicked and tried to run away. After a rather long chase they finally caught it. Ranma remained unresponsive as the guards kept him in custody.

Thankfully for Genma one of the elders of the village, Cologne, was aware of the springs of Jusenkyo and spoke to the guide while the tournament was taking place. She reverted Genma's curse before Shampoo got herself a panda rug. Upon being confronted with what he had done Genma offered his worthless son in exchange for his own freedom. While Shampoo wanted to refuse the offer of a weak male that didn't seem to be alive except for the fact he was breathing Cologne took the man's offer immediately.

Ranma was the best slave any Amazon could hope for. Strong as a dozen men, silent and obedient. He worked with us for two weeks before being taken away. The guards reported a big black and while blur before being knocked out. Afterwards Shampoo was given the task of finding Ranma and bringing him back to the Amazon village. But not before Cologne gave her a warning. That should Ranma be back to his senses Shampoo was to contact her and do nothing.

However thinking she could take care of herself Shampoo ignored this warning. Arriving in Japan Cologne planned to subtly give Ranma the idea that while he was taken as a slave in the village it was actually to protect him from his worthless father, an honorable cause. However upon tracking him down and finding him with Hinako and Aeris Cologne let Hinako's impertinence get the better of her alienating Ranma. With roundabout approach gone and knowing a direct approach was too dangerous to try. The elder cursed inwardly at the presence of the two girls, who ruined her plans as the three left. From there she dealt with the issue of Shampoo losing a fight to Ryoga Hibiki.

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