Colonel Butler is the regional UNETCO commanding officer for and most of , based out of the secluded Chengdu Facility.

Background Edit

A New Zealander by birth, he had served in special forces before being advanced to XCOM service in 2001. One of the most powerful psionics on the planet, he had trained for three months in the elite Fry Canyon Psi-Gym and saw service in three terror sites before being promoted to lead a squad in Asia. That had been almost half a decade ago. When his former CO died of a brain aneurism in a psionic duel with an Ethereal Commander,

's power and excellent combat record had merited an ascension to regional command and the rank of Colonel.

Now, he is answerable only to Commander Yasuda at Seiran and Senior Commander Dennis at Supreme Command. is a soldier with a soldier's subtlety, and a fairly typical XCOM Colonel's mentality. While Commanders has to deal with a wide range of regional issues, Colonels are in charge of smaller bases with much more narrow agendas. - like or White Hill or Duiwelskloof - is a military base with very limited research and manufacturing facilities. It exists first and foremost to extend the UNETCO Global Surveillance Network and to provide rapid response combat units.

The base is basically built around a hanger, a mind shield, and a hyperwave decoder.

Practically speaking, this means that Colonel Butler rarely has to deal with infiltration or Section Seven-sensitive matters. Seiran told to intercept UFOs and contribute manpower. It is like that for all the smaller Colonel-run bases, and it is one of the reasons why Colonels are expected to be much more combat capable than Commanders. The latter rarely left the desk or the Pit that was their CIC (command information center). Instead, more often than not, Colonels were in the field with their men, putting boots on the ground and contributing psionic firepower to the mission.

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