Combat Cyborg


U-775 cybernetic weapon


Shock trooper


Usually deployed in small combat squads close to battlezones

Primary Weapon/Ability

Heavy bolt carbine

Secondary Weapon/Ability

Assorted melee and short-range weapons (heavy piles and single-fire shotgun attachments are popular)

Umbrella Corporation's ambitions with the T-virus had always been to find some way to control it to make it into a proper weapon. Doctor Yamiko Nova addressed the problem of the inevitable breakdown of intelligence from T-virus exposure not by trying to prevent the problem, but by fixing the results. She created a unique, low-mutation strain of T-virus to use in a process that she called the Mortem Override to both return the deceased back to life and meld their deteriorated brain to an electronic computer uplink. These units were not only cured of their rampant psychotic tendencies, but through the computer uplink, could follow complex commands and were completely loyal to the controller. Unfortunately, there were several problems: the most major one is the considerable time lag between the computer receiving data and the organic brain's processing the information and translating it to action, making the cyborgs slow and easily outwitted, much like their mindless zombie counterparts. Also, the Mortem Override rarely preserves proper muscle function in all limbs of the host, which is a curioius and vexing problem that was overcome by attaching cybernetic limbs and linking them to the computer uplink. This led to every unit being eventually embellished with cybernetic upgrades, from sensor arrays and dermal armor to tool kits and built-in weapon modules. Though these modifications only improve their combat performance, it makes production of the cyborgs very inefficient.

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