G-type genetic weapon

Gene module



T-virus contaminator/melee fighter


Creeps are typically deployed in medium-sized "hunting packs" which work together surprisingly well in striking down enemies

Primary Weapon/Ability

Wrist blades capable of puncturing typical police-grade Kevlar vests. More effective body armor can successfully deflect an attack

Secondary Weapon/Ability

Glands under the wrist blades keep the weapons tainted with T-virus toxins. These toxins will return minor brain function to slain life-forms, or kill wounded life forms, turning them into zombies

Developed by Yoshi Konta on a whim, the creeps feature much better agility and armor than their cousin E-types, though they still cannot sustain direct gunfire. While results against armed soldiers have been mixed, releasing the monsters among civilians creates a much more deadly and violent zombie horde than that generated by the carriers. It should be noted that the T-virus carried by the creeps is not airborne, and can only be transmitted through direct insertion into the bloodstream, most commonly through an open wound.

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