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This unique type of alchemy is a variation of flame alchemy that involves orchestrating explosions and unlike flame alchemy which uses gloves. Crimson alchemy is centered around transmutation arrays tattooed on the palms. On each hand is tattooed a triangle inscribed in a circle with alchemical symbols in the center of each - the sun symbol (signifying gold) on the right palm and the moon symbol (signifying silver) on the left. When the alchemist puts their palms together the two triangles (the left pointing up to represent fire and the right pointing down to represent water) combine to form a hexagram which initiates the transmutation. Transcribed around both circles is a ring of unidentified text.

This array is used to transmute ordinary matter into explosives by clapping the hands together. By combining the contradictory symbols of the sun and moon, gold and silver, water and fire, the Alchemist creates an unstable imbalance of energy in whatever matter they touch, causing it to explode violently. Skilled alchemist are also capable of causing that instability to flow from one place to another at will, essentially directing localized explosions from long range. By using only the hexagram of the transmutation circle and not the celestial runes, the alchemist can also perform more mundane transmutations that involve the alteration of matter, but not its detonation.

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