A katana made of pure Rigidium held in a black scabbard, inlaid with gold. It is two and a half feet long with a slightly curved blade. The blade has an edge that has been honed by the fiery breath of a dragon during its construction. As a result, the sword can slice through virtually any manmade material and is just about invulnerable to just about anything that is thrown against it. The silver-colored metal reflects the light of the sun. The hand guard is a circular shape, but has silver highlights to it. The sword has also been imbued with several enchantments, though primarily its main element deals with flame. However, the sword also possesses several other enchantments, which had been imbued by the other Dragons, plus many minor spells. It has the ability to manipulate to a lesser degree, the elements of water, wind, earth, and lightning. In addition to these powers, the blade is capable of other spells, which included divination, healing and magic neutralization. The hilt is wrapped in a red scaly hide. The pommel is a plain metal cap but has the golden image of a Chinese dragon engraved on it. The sword cannot be drawn from its scabbard or held by someone unless he or she possesses is a descendent of the wielder. It'll cause great pain to anyone who tries.

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