The Land

In its base form, it appears as a standard katana with a light blue hilt, rectangular guard with two lines stretching and curving to each corner, and light purple sheath.

  • Shikai: a Defense-Type Zanpakutō released with the command Rock (ゆらす, yurase). With the release comes a burst of blue spiritual energy. The Zanpakutō transforms into a pair of large black fists with magenta outlining. The two fists are attached to a large chain which corresponds to each hand. The chain follows from one fist up the arm around the neck and down the other arm to the corresponding fist.

Shikai Special Ability: when wielder punches the ground it creates a trail of rocks that lead in the direction of opponent. When the trail reaches its destination, overturned Tatami arise from the ground to ensnare or protect the target.

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