Daigo Mitsurugi




Band of the Fang leader


School of the Fang

Band of the Fang

Daigo Mitsurugi is a former student of School of the Fang who like Ranma was not originally taught his technique by the school so did not haveto swear loyalty to them. But after a fail spiritual journey that was thought to have ended in his death, Daigo Mitsurugi spent the next three years slowly amassing power and developing an anti-government militia headed by his own private group of elite warriors – the Band of the Fang. Daigo is the main antagonist of Return Of The Warrior.


Due to the mixing of Jusenkyo curses Daigo has scaly skin and white hair.


Daigo is extremely ruthless and coldblooded. He strongly believes in the concept of social Darwinism, where the weak exist for the benefit of the strong, and generally appears devoid of compassion or mercy throughout the series.


Daigo practices a deadlier version of the Nekoiken


Daigo Mitsurugi and Ranma Saotome were the only two fighters at the school who began their training in their styles prior to joining. Even though he was about Leon Max’s age he never got the popularity at the school like Ranma did. Many feared that Daigo would be consumed by his style. So when Ranma left after losing control and nearly killing Lee the School decided to take him to China to help him find inner peace with some monks. Unfortunately while traveling across a foggy mountainous range in China, they came across Jusenkyo and Daigo fell into the spring of drowned dragon. Once he emerged from the spring in the body of a ten-foot long baby dragon they fought him into the ‘spring of drowned boy’. What come out was a man with scaly skin and white hair. Worst of all, however, was his mind set. He was filled with animalistic rage, in the end it took several men to finally put him down by drowning him in the spring.

He survived and once he made it out of the springs continued to travel through China, especially the area surrounding Jusenkyo. He learned much about the magical area in the land and realized how powerful he had truly become. Eeventually he returned to the school to destroyed it, gathered those who hadn’t yet gained complete control over their styles and converted them to his army. With his power and the fallen members of the school, Daigo continued to search for fighters who enjoyed violence to add to his secret group called the ‘Band of the Fang’.

He envisioned a Japan ruled by him, enforcing the principles of Social Darwinism. Using this belief, Gaigo ran a campaign against the government, as he felt it was too weak to effectively lead the country.

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