§ Danku, Tsuin no Kagami (斷空ツインの鏡, Japanese for Splitting Void, Twin Mirrors) When he casts the Onmyoji materializes two rectangular walls at either side of him. Once summoned he's able to control them mentally, this is a specialized spell and instead of blocking attacks it deflects them. By directing it at the mirrors he's able to effectively "Juggle" the spell back and forth while he moves the "Mirrors" with his mind. Allowing for devasating surprise attacks:

§ Dankukai ten Deisuku (斷空回転ディスク, Japanese for Spliting Void Rotating Disks) The Onmyoji summons the Danku in a very normal manner except for the fact that it is horizontal, he then uses his own Spiritual Energy to spin the barrier around at highly accelerated speeds before directing it at an opponent as a spinning razor, capable of cutting trough almost anything its also able to instantly straighten up in order to function as an ordinary Danku spell, or if there are two Spinning Disks; Danku, Tsuin no Kagami. The disks are controlled mentally.

§ Danku, Kakuchu (斷空角柱, Japanese for Splitting Void, Prism) This Spell instantly summons forth seven round Danku shields which the Onmyoji quickly arranges in a perfect Diamond-like shape around either them self, an ally, or even an opponent. Once in place its almost impossible to break down from the outside, or with a slight rearrangement, the inside. This is due to the fact that once connected the Danku's work as a single spell with roughly ten times the power of an ordinary Danku. Meaning that its able to block spells, effects and attacks up to a total of power, which is equal to the total "Levels" the spell has. Which is roughly 91, meaning that ten level 91 spells would cancel the effect evenly. Or well, anything of that power or above.

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