Dashtall Greken






Possesses small, but fertile and fairly developed regions in Mongolia. Also controls three gateways; two that act as convoy routes for outposts that he holds, and a third that links to the home plane of the grends.

Combat Abilities

A fiercely able warrior, most noted for his suprisingly maneuverability and near-impervious hide. His magic powers are clearly there, but his reluctance to utilize them outside of emergencies makes details of their level unreliable.

Dashtall isn't a particularly old or influential demon lord, but he is notable in that he has accomplished what several others, including other demon lords, have always failed to accomplish: the successful taming of dragons, the powerful and ancient serpents that seem to inhabit every realm to one degree or another. To that end, he has used them to expand both his territory, and his collection of dragons. His reign as demon lord ended quickly after the end of his reign as master of dragons; once Ranma destroyed the artifact he was using to control the creatures, the serpent kings flew into a rage and rebelled, smashing his lands apart as they attacked each other and feasted on Dashtall's armies. Dashtall himself was slain by Vargus, a venom dragon who he had kept as a personal attendant.

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