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This unique PSI ability allows user to generate substantial quantities of ice from the surrounding atmosphere and then subsequently manipulate this frigid substance into seemingly whatever form he chooses, almost immediately after the ice's initial production. In this manner he is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures that are suitable for a diverse range of purposes, no matter if the nature of these circumstances demand offensive or defensive uses. However, all the objects that he fabricates share one similar trait in that they freeze almost any surface they may come into contact with, covering it in a thick layer of ice that remains for extended periods. This also includes the immediate environment but rather than hamper user this aspect actually serves to benefit him, as the frozen climate supports and increases the advantageous features of any latter techniques, while disadvantaging his opponent further as they suffer from the harmful effects of the sub-zero conditions.

Ice Guns

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The ice takes the form of a pair of small pistols. These guns are capable of firing bullets that can cover their intended target in a layer of thick ice, suitably restraining their movements for subsequent attacks. When the temperature of the immediate environment decreases enough, the bullets fired from these 'ice guns' become able to freeze huge areas in even denser ice with each individual shot.

Ice Skates

To accommodate for the change in environment that his other attacks create, user converts his shoes into ice skates, by forming blades of ice on his soles.

Condensed Ice Spheres

User is able to materialize condensed spheres of ice that are surrounded by numerous sharp protrusions, which when thrown grow rapidly in size in order to protect him from most forms of attacks, while simultaneously freezing them and the surrounding area.

Ice Spears

User most daunting form of offense occurs in the creation of incredibly sharp throwing spears, composed entirely from a single fragment of dense ice. These 'javelins' are so durable that when employed they can penetrate and retain their shape with ease through three consecutive blocks generated Material High.

Ice Armour

As the surrounding climate begins its inevitable decline in temperature due to the nature of user’s techniques, the power levels of his abilities continue to increase to the point that armor composed from ice begins to form. These collections of ice are initially most prominent on the lower portion of his arms and entire back but these formations soon progress to the rest of the body as the fight drags on.

Glacial Wall

In this move, user attempts to embrace his opponent and swiftly encase them in ice, with the purpose of preserving them in a giant obelisk of ice that forms on his back during the earlier stages of this technique.

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