Dermal Pads are synthetic skins that are applied to an injured area of the body.

Overview Edit

There arte thousands of skin grafts every year. Many are given to victims of accidents and crashes, but many more cannot be done, the injury too severe the techniques to imperfect. Dermal pad are pre grown synthetic skin eliminating many of the before mentioned drawbacks. However since the skin is grown from the victims cells it is important to remember not to apply the wrong dermals to the wrong person.

Cleaning the wound with the scouring pad comes first: putting it on and then taking it off in one single movement, like pulling tape off the skin. Toss it. Immediately follow with the dermal pad. If the wound was large, overlap the sheets. Stick it on and press it down. Don't let air in. Press down the sides. 'You'll be okay.' Like sheets of plastic. Get the medical tape around, but not too tight - there is supposed to be a numbing effect.

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