BM-700 assault mecha

Mech Class

Standard combat boomer


Heavy airborne assault and fire support


Deployed in small squads. Although their high mobility allows them to make their way quickly to distant targets, their small fuel supply limits their operation range considerably

Primary Weapon/Ability

Heavy gatling cannon and mini-rocket launcher

Secondary Weapon/Ability

Shoulder-mounted 60mm. cannons

Being mobile, well-armored, and exceptionally well-equipped, the Devastator has set a rather high bar on the battlefield for others to reach. Possessing superior firepower for its size and a jet pack, the Devastator can move to the best firing positions on the field and lay down impressive cover fire. Despite this advantage, its constant deployment in urban combat has exposed what few flaws the design has; despite being a humanoid form, it suffers from limited mobility in tight or damaged quarters, and an outdated sensor suite means that it is vulnerable to ambushes. The only other drawbacks of the design is its cost and its poor ammo and fuel capacity, which is again compounded by the Freedom's Angels poor supply lines.

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