The Dimensional Oracle is a device built into the Thanagarian Battlecruiser Kuk as a bridge to other existences.

Overview Edit

The Dimensional Oracle Device requires vast amounts of Nth Metal to protect the ship when making jumps, so it is hooked up into the Living Metal Forge.

They say it can't be reproduced as it is a reflection of Thanagar’s heart and soul. They, who were raised by Old Gods, and who cast them out and rejected them. Why do we exist? Why have we suffered as we have? What is our destiny, as a race? Through the Oracle, they finally have a way to find the answers. The Dimensional Oracle Device was built to show them how to open the akashic record - the 'universal supercomputer' that some believe guides all things in the multiverse. Others call this the Great Source or the One Above All.

History Edit

Years ago there was a research station where the were studying how to build a Hyperspace Bypass. A sort of transportation hub. There was an accident... the relay destroyed the planet it was on.

When they entered the system to investigate what had happened, they found the Green Lanterns already there. They'd never sent a serious expedition into the Thanagarian area of space before, but there they were. They had also destroyed another ship. A ship from Apokalips.

They were all trespassing in Thanagarian space, and when reinforcements came in, they discovered a piece of what they were all after. It was a creature of some sort... drawn to the accident that destroyed the planet. Or was it created by the accident, or did it cause it? It took years to begin to unravel its secrets, and years more to work out the deal with Apokalips. All for this. All to create the Dimensional Oracle Device.

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