Samuraideeperkyo v17 081
This technique links user’s life energy with that of the opponent. When attacked, they open themselves psychically in order to establish an empathic rapport. Thus whenever they are attacked upon contact it is conveyed directly back onto opponent, who takes it in like a sponge, including sympathetic reactions. The technique is a double-edged in that it works in reverse as well. If the user's enemy attacks themselves, then the attack will instantly strike the user instead. To avoid this, it is prudent to constantly establish and sever the link. While the user attacks, they can sever the link to prevent a counter from their enemy that an open one would allow. When they defend, they establish the link. Unless someone catches their rhythm or is massively faster, there's no way for the enemy to abuse this technique's weakness. However skilled users can link their life energy with specific targets usually inanimate objects eliminating this weakness all together. 

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