Dr. Deth


The pursuit of scientific virtues, and occasionally a bit of megalomania.

Police Records

Officially, Dr. Deth is merely a well-respected foreign doctor who owns an overly-suspicious mansion and lab complex in Japan and possesses a really odd name. Internationally, the good doctor has been the target of several covert operations aimed to cripple the numerous doomsday weapons he's created and foil his plans for world domination through the use of such devices. "Damn you 007!"


Possesses numerous obscure technologies of effective, though unreliable design.

Combat Ability

None. The guy's a total nerd.





Chairman of the international mad scientist's commitee, and vice chairman of the international supervillain anti-defamation league, Dr. Deth is far too hokey and stereotypical a character to ever play a dignified role. So of course I tossed him in. Though he occasionally assists the greater public by providing superweapons against violent threats, Dr. Deth is most well-known for cheesy world domination plots that are always ruined at the last moment by certain people infiltrating his fortress and destroying his superweapons before he gets a chance to unleash them.

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