This device is the fang of an ancient dragon when worn it allows its wearer to tap into intense primordial energies of various properties. The fang provides a unique mix of power and georesidual energies magnifying their power many times over. In addition by crushing the tooth and breathing in the resulting powder wearer combines their essence with that of the dragons becoming ten times stronger. Wearer transforms into a dragon hybrid with with large elf-like ears, large black dragon wings, a long tail, an increase dense musculature, and large claws.

Superhuman Strength: Wearer gains high levels of superhuman strength, the full limits of which aren't known. It is known that they can lift somewhere in excess of 100 tons. the tail, can be whipped at speeds of up to 130 feet per second, generating enough force to smash a 3-foot thick stone wall or topple a loaded 5,000 gallon tank truck.

Superhuman Stamina: the wearer’s new musculature does generate fatigue toxins, but not quite in the same way as human musculature and generates considerably less than a human's. They can exert themselves at peak capacity for several days before fatigue begins to impair them.

Superhuman Durability: the cells in wearer’s body takes on the properties of a dragons scales, giving them incredible durability and strength. Their thick hide is capable of resisting without rupture ballistic impacts up to and including 155mm Howitzer shells, or 300 pounds of TNT. Their body can withstand extremes in both temperature (from -200° to 1,000°+ Fahrenheit) and pressure (from 0.02 to 12.5 atmospheres).

Enhanced Speed

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