A 10’ (3.of m) bullwhip of specially treated leather wrapped and reinforced with a flexible segmented-steel exterior. The leather, toughened to withstand the added abrasion from its steel shell, provides the weapon with a whip’s proper form and flexibility. The steel adds raw mass, and thus momentum, to any strike with the whip. And of course, the steel surface makes the whip even tougher, enough to tear holes in solid brick when wielded with sufficient force.

Because of its special treatment, the leather core of the whip is far more durable than a standard one, though it still requires periodic replacement. The outer steel reinforcement is also flexible enough that it doesn’t suffer any denting sufficient to cause kinks, catches or any other debilitating defect in the whip’s form.

The whip requires great physical strength and skill to wield due to the design proving problematic for anyone skilled in using a normal bullwhip.

Dragon Whip MK2 Edit

An all metal whip, one designed of specially segmented steel over a flexible steel wire, like an oversized antenna.

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