Gold Digger Sourcebook 004 p12-13 -2007- (eclipse-DCP)

An elder race, one adapted to life in space. They are the source of the Galaxy-wide legend of dragons, and can grow to enormous sizes. Draken never stop growing. The largest ever recorded was over ten miles in length, and claimed to be over twenty-six million years old.

Drakens have been bred into a number of specialized groups, each having its own range of skills and power levels.

The first while still formidable to most non-draconic life forms a, are at the bottom of the scale in terms of draconic clan power. They have the weakest physical and spiritual powers, but are the only clan to possess high technical aptitude. Iron dragons’ colors range through tones of purple with grey underbellies.

The next are the average draken’s more than the first, but not as strong as third or as fast as fourth. Their clan’s unique advantage is energy-reflective wings, which provide them with built-in spiritual shields. These Draken’s can be anywhere from bright, metallic orange to a deep brown-orange to green or grey-green in color.

The soldiers of draken society, they are physically the strongest of drakens, and they also have a variety of breath weapons at their disposal. These drakens can come in a variety of metallic yellowish hues, often with darker yellow or yellow-brown patterns.

These are the elite of the draken world, possessing the strongest abilities and the best powers of flight. They have reflective skin and are internally pressurized, allowing them to travel through outer space. Rather than normal wings they have "akashic wings," akashic sails projected from the wing stubs on their backs. These provide both propulsion and maneuverability in space, allowing them to move at sublight speeds. Some are capable of creating warp gates to exceed these speeds. Instead of breath weapons, they have vents that allow them to focus energy beams. They tend to have pale blue bodies with dark-blue-plated areas on their heads and backs.

Drakens tend to breed within their own clans but are known to intermarry between clans for the sake of company if not for reproduction. Draken have no government. Each adult is an individual onto itself. If one is killed, none of the others would give a damn.

Drakens are oviparous, laying eggs which are then incubated in nests for a time before they hatch. They don’t have children often, and when they do, the whole race looks out for them.

For all the variety between drakens, certain characteristics are common to all of them. They are all generally reptilian in appearance when in their true forms, though cranial profiles can range from the serpentine to the more lizard-like or even birdlike. They instinctively hoard things-usually physical wealth, but not always and build lairs to contain their hoards. They are very territorial about their lairs, which they tend to personalize over the ages. They tend to be very proud, viewing most non draconic beings with varying degrees of pity, scorn or contempt. There are exceptions of course, but they are very rare.

Also nearly every draken creates a mymior at some point in its life. Mymiors serve as storehouses, scrapbooks, computers, and akashic emergency bank accounts all at once. A mymior is a collection of layered and interwoven akashic matter, memories and caches of akashic energy, all anchored around an enchanted rock. The entirety of this is kept in an extra dimensional pocket, and is thus accessible only by the user’s soul. The external form of the mymior is a broad, luminous ring with a number of radial gaps. The outer layers of a mymior’s interior comprise its veil. Unless one is possessed of a draken’s level of spiritual discipline, merely looking upon the spells in this veil will cast them.

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