The first part of the armor is a black body stocking, followed by a suit of armor that to the untrained eye looks like it was completely useless, except for anything but making the wearer look good. It is made of a dark silver and complemented the stocking almost perfectly. The next piece is a pair of gauntlets with wider than normal wrist guards. The final piece of the armor is a pair of boots that match the armor perfectly and has slots in the insides to hold throwing daggers. This is a full set of armor designed by Te'level; the stocking is actually a very strong back metal weave that is a thin a silk and works almost as well as chain mail. Te'level designed the outfit for style and usability and it can be adjusted in a number of ways. The armor is a torso armor that is magically reinforced to withstand most common forms of magic, things like Fire Balls, Flame Arrows, and other types of impact magic. The armor is designed for a woman, it is like the stocking because it will mold its self to your body while you wear it. The hip guards have small metal pouches able to hold small items for use. the forearm and shoulder guards are adaptable as well, coming with a number of uses and items. The basic set up is an attachable knife and spiked shoulder guards. The spikes are small so that you don't end up injuring yourself if an accident happens. The blade is removable and can be replaced with a shield or anything else you want special made.

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