This is the base technique of the Densenken it effectively allows user to generate a current by drawing it out with their ki effectively using their body as a transformer. At first this technique mainly harnesses the earth's electrical fields and generates a current by drawing it out of the ground. However with time and training user can draw on atmospheric sources, from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, etc (often causing lights to flicker).

Basically this technique allows user to draw pure energy from various sources in order to recharge the body’s energy reserves, allowing them to expend electrical energy indefinitely without diminishing their personal reserves.

Essentially, this allows Densenken to use a "quality, not quantity" approach in spiritual training. n addition to almost supernatural skill in manipulating ones ki the greater aspects of the art rely on having a very refined and pure Ki, similar to how only pure uranium can be used to create an atomic explosion. Without this the Densenken cannot be mastered.

In addition Densenken practitioners gain gained an accelerated healing factor from Electric Drain, enabling them to quickly repair any damage their body takes in, due to their body's natural ability to heal being greatly accelerated, through the stimulation of their muscle tissues and immune system. This also grants them enhanced strength and durability as their muscles become able to absorb physical trauma to a far greater degree than normal humans, granting them the ability to survive falls from extreme heights with practically no harm to the body.

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