This technique is considered to be the "most beautiful technique of all warriors," thus earning it its name. While both the Yamasenken and the Umisenken use the analogy of the human body as a house, they are originally intended for robbery and burglary. The Umisenken's techniques specifically simulate the silent entry of a burglar through the back door and emphasized "stealth", utilizing swift techniques and masking the user's presence. Because of this emphasis it was more difficult to master than the Yamasenken. Its weakness is that when the user becomes emotional or angry, they can be brought out of their emotionless state and their presence revealed to an opponent. When breaking into a house the thief must account for every possibility. This technique represents the house’s owner either wakes up or returns home unexpectedly. The thief has to incapacitate them as quickly as possible. Specifically this technique is used if user loses control of the Umisenken. Ranma applies his knowledge of the legendary Utsusemi technique for offensive purposes. It involves stepping forward, slipping past an opponent's side, and then moving behind them in order to strike. The proximity of the after-image is such that it appears as if the user had slipped through her opponent's body.

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