Emkaku Tenketsu Dan


Remote Point Bomb

A remote version of the Bakusai Tenketsu that can only be achieved when the user has expanded their senses enough to where they can precieve the lei lines. Allowing them to see not only every meridian of chi with the Bakusai Tenketsu but the lines of chi that run between them as well. The technique works similar to the original with user striking a breaking point and sending a tiny spark of ki into it. However instead of detonating instantly, as normally it would, the flicker of energy is absorbed into the point and flitted down one of the near invisible threads of energy which intersected the nexi. The spark of energy continues on between nexi before finally destabilizing and detonating. The length the energy travels is proportional to the skill of the user. The most targeted area is under opponent causing the ground beneath their feet to explod in a fountain of stone. User’s skill in manipulating ambient ki energy are even able to manipulate the ki around a breaking point allowing them to use the technique without having to use their finger. Making this a dangerously versitile technique.

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