“So silent just like moon hanging in the black void of space. First the moon appears shrouded in mist. Then the half moon becomes the waxing gibbous and as the resplendent full moon fades into the new moon your life is shaved and vanishes with the dimming moonlight. This technique is the secret inheritance of the Fuuchouin.”

Fuuchouin Style String Jutsu Book of Offense 99:4
Getback36 124


Empty Moon

Countless threads rotate around opponent at extremely high speed so fast the eyes can’t possible keep up with it. This creates centrifugal force. And that force pushes out all the air, creating a vacuum that is so great that not even light can escape. This vacuum is opened later, much like the lunar phases, forcing the air from outside to slash the opponent. No man alive could survive such an attack. Possibly not even a god.

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