The Isuzu quickly turns about at high speed, they loose a steady stream of daggers all around them, potentially striking anyone unable to escape from its path. However that is only the beginning. As the daggers fly out, each stops at a very specific point, each dagger building on the previous daggers to eventually form a large dome, created solely from the users daggers. This dome is quite large, typically five to ten meters in diameter, and fairly sturdy, able to hold up to fairly strong attacks. However it is rarely used defensively, primarily due to the large size and time required to form it. The real use comes from the second attack, where the user allows the dome to crumble, all the daggers raining down on those unfortunate enough to have been caught within it. Fortunately however the user has control of the deconstruction process, and may prevent daggers from falling at certain spots, such as where they stand.

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