Goku Movie Tree Of Might
Energy Shield /Energy Barrier is a technique used to generate an energy shield around the user to protect them from attacks.


This is a variation of the Battle Aura where instead of being wreathed in a glowering aura, which flows around him like fire. User compresses the released energy creating a uniform bubble around the body massively increasing their defensive abilities. The easiest way to perform the technique to visualize the shape you want to create in your mind usually a circle, the darker and heavier the better. You then fill it with deep, dark color and from there you imagine yourself moving toward the center of it. However the barrier can be manipulated into a number of relatively simple forms: rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc; it is an extremely powerful form of defense. The complexity of the shape is limited by the user's ability to imagine, as in, mentally visualize a particular form and keep it in sharp mental focus: not even the user is able to see the forms that they create. This technique requires a lot of time and skill to master and the level of concentration needed to maintain the shield can be very mentally draining. The barriers are hermetically sealed so that nothing more than voices (in an atmosphere) or low energy photons, such as visible light, can pass through it and their strength is dependant on the strength of the user.

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