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Eri Fujiwara (藤原絵理, "Fujiwara Eri") is a fictional character from the fanfic Minkei. She is extremely loyal to Martial Arts Theatre and supportive of Goals.

Appearances Edit

She has long, black hair, and wear unusual knee socks with black and white stripes.

History Edit

Eri Fujiwara the current Ningyo Shukun of Ningyoka along with the other leaders of the five factions were sent to kill the SNDF for dishonoring the Martial Arts Theater school.

Abilities Edit

As the current Puppet Master Eri is a powerful and skilled practitioner in the art of Ningyoka.


Genius & Advanced Growth Rate: Arguably one of Eri's most fearsome traits, is her incredible intellect. She is a simply put; a prodigy, a scion of the Ningyoka faction, who has grown tremendously in both skill and power for one of her age. She has always been a curious spirit, dissecting any information he obtains, in attempts to learn new methods to approach the subject and expand on his own understanding of it.


Master Inventor: Eri is an extremely skilled inventor, evident by her using her knowledge of Puppeteering served as the basis for the development of Dummy technology. Basically it’s a modern attempt to reverse engineer a respectable variation of the Hitokugutsu. It is a special kind of training dummy that has an artificial nervous system which in turn is connected to the spinal array. The array is an electronic computer uplink through which the dummy can follow complex commands. She helped Kaori gain her personal reality.


Master Strategist & Tactician: Eri is an astounding strategist and tactician, using her vast knowledge to create elaborate schemes against the enemies of Martial Arts Theatre. She makes use excellent use of her terrain to gain advantages over her opponent, by forcing them into uncomfortable situations. Even during the course of battle her strategies are no less impressive, if not brutal and humiliating. Making small talk to stall her opponents while she springs her trap, spiking her spiritual energy knowing they will follow her right into his trap. Her knowledge gives him an innate understanding of the abilities of others, making her a fearsome opponent for any, regardless of their power.

Master Hacker: A lesser known ability, it is no doubt one that plays a part in Eri repertoire of knowledge and abilities at her disposal. Information is a weapon, and by accessing the servers of powerful organizations and governments, Eri can maintain a great deal of power by virtue of knowing what information to have and what information to disseminate as necessary.

Note Edit

Based off of Yuhwa

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