This alter consists of eight small emerald orbs that act as an extension of users will. They have the ability to
Eternity Eight
control the minds of others, though some are able to resist the power. It can also heal others and transform into other objects.

- Eternity Extra Shot: By transforming the Alter into a bow, user is able to shoot a potent energy arrow.

- Shield: user can create a shield with the Alter to block attacks.

- Disk: user can transform the Alter into a disk and throw it towards the opponent.

- Glide: user can use some of the eight orbs to help them glide.

- Eternity Eight Sword: user can transform the Alter into a sword.

- Glow: user can use one of the eight orbs as a source of light.

- Flying Shot: All Eight of the orbs are sent towards the opponent.

- Ring Rope: user can use the orbs as a ringed rope to pull up allies.

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