Tribal Tiger

The Felinar Clan is a very ancient and mysterious group of Aboriginal warriors that had created the Neko Ken fighting style. Their history dates back even further than the legendary Chinese Amazons. centuries ago when saber-toothed tigers still roamed the Earth, though in very few numbers the Felinar adapted a fighting style based on those ferocious cats. These ancient wanders mastered the essence of combat through the mimicry of those wild beasts, granted them superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those of the saber-tooth. They can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. They retain this same level of clarity even in near total darkness. Their hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing them to detect sounds ordinary humans couldn't hear at a greater distances. They are able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. They can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success. They have even developed a way to actually transform into powerful tiger shapes and even a hybrid between man and cat.



The Felinar Clan is an Aboriginal tribe so ancient that no one really knows how long

it's been around. It would be a safe bet that they've existed far before the first Chinese Dynasty, the Roman Empire and even ancient Greece. Little is known about Felinar origin only that at some point they were involved in a horrendous battle. Though in the end they won their enemy unleashed one final weapon that caused extensive cellular damage to their DNA. The Felinar ‘s bodies could no longer adapt to the many diseases of the planet, since they lacked the proper antibodies and other immune components and were beginning to deteriorate. In order to save themselves, the tribes sages gathered together and by harnessing the feral power within every human they infused their genetic structures with those of a mythical beast that they had gained a great spiritual connection to the saber-tooth tiger. The ancestors of the Felinar traveled deep into Africa, near what would eventually become Egypt eventually setting up a small, hidden civilization near the borders of ancient Egypt.

Neko Ken Although the Felinar kept to thenselves for the most part, there were individuals that did go out and explored Asia, especially the more eastern regions. At the time, it was around 1700 BC or so. The people of China were just starting to form their civilizations and their unarmed fighting techniques. They had been observing mankind as it developed and their martial arts skills intrigued them. So much so, that certain members of the Felinar began developing a fighting style which utilized their catlike abilities. They soon formed formidable ways of unarmed combat that were the early stages of the modern Neko Ken. However, they were still unable to harness the true potential of this fighting style. While they based the Neko Ken on the saber-tooth tiger, and had fused with their essence they found that they still were not truly in touch with that aspect of their being. They found that without a spiritual connection to that part of themselves they became easily prone to battle rages. The instability caused by their more primal urges almost made them give up trying to develop the Neko Ken any further.

Rite of passage

The first recorded appearance of the clan was around 1525 BC in Egypt. A young warrior by the name of Panthara Kir traveled to ancient Egypt. Since the people worshiped cats as divine, that in and of itself caught his interest. He was especially interested in the legend of Bast, the Egyptian Cat goddess. Though a series of rituals and long searches through countless temples that worshipped her, he finally came across an amulet which allowed him to contact her. Within one of the caves near the Valley of the Kings, he had summoned Bast and pleaded with her to resolve the terrible conflict within his soul. He too was under the madness of the Neko Ken's instability. She took pity on him and offered him a way to not only calm his raging spirit, but to also tap into the full potential of the saber-toothed tiger, on one condition. He and all those who seek to control the Neko Ken would become her avatars. It seems that through chance the Felinar had unknowingly tried to duplicateher fighting style. In any case, Panthara Kir accepted her terms. He underwent Bast's special rite to purify his soul and when he emerged, he gained the potential to truly master the Neko Ken. A few weeks of intense training later, and he became the founder of the Felinar Clan's branch of that mighty fighting style. The treatment he underwent would eventually become the Felinar Clan's Rite of Passage.

The Felinar were thought to be messengers of Bast, the Cat Goddess, but they always kept their appearances to a minimum. They were seen as mysterious, mythological beings and great warriors. To this day very few knew that they existed. However, around five hundred years ago, they suddenly vanished from sight and that was when people maddened by the Neko Ken started popping up. Apparently, some individuals had attempted to duplicate the Neko Ken, but since they only had myths and legends to go on, it's obvious that some things were misread or done wrong in the training procedure. The Felinar still exist today. They've only resurfaced about a hundred and fifty years ago and keep to themselves. They are fewer in number, but they do have vast connections and holdings throughout the world. They also seem to appear only when a person is stricken by the Neko Ken. There are several unreported cases in which a person is driven mad by the Neko Ken and then disappear without a trace.


The powers of the Saber tooth partially transfer over into the Felinar’s human body. As a result, they have taken on catlike traits. Although they only have about 40% of their overall feline ability in human form, the Felinar are still far more powerful than the average human.


Felinar are outwardly very similar to any other Humans, with the exception of a larger muscular build. They are commonly seen to have hair that matches that of various

feline species.


Felinar tend to share common personality traits, even at young ages. Being a warrior clan they share an innate enjoyment for conflict and fighting; their fierce animal nature occasionally surfacing in times of great stress, emotion or in the heat of battle. This can sometimes make them a danger to people around them, especially since they can summon the power of the Neko Ken. Though this is mostly channeled through competitive sport, rather than barbaric slaughter. Felinar are typically very aggressive and hard-headed, with short explosive tempers. The Felinar appear inclined to be arrogant at times, leading them to allow enemies to gain advantages in battle just for fun. It appears they have a tendency to let their emotions get the better of them when roused in stimulating situations - resulting in them at times making rash decisions. They also appear to lack sympathetic emotions as though by choice rather than by nature as shown by their relative lack of fear of death. Much of their behavior stems from their feral state and by spending some time in their tiger body, they gain far better control over their animal urges as a human. Most Felinar also possess a keen fighting sense and understanding of battle, which allows them to acquire many new skills.


The Felinar naturally possess exceptional strength - far greater than that of other humans - and are quintessentially built for fighting. They are capable of easily lifting hundreds of times their own weight. Through tough training, they are able to reach new levels of power, and the more intense training and fights they go through, the stronger they become. If a Felinar survives a near-death experience through extreme injury to the body, then, when the body recuperates, the Felinar grows much stronger than they were previously, their body adapting to compensate for the damage dealt. The duration of recovery does not seem to hinder this ability as Felinar have healed through natural, technological and mystical means and still gained substantial increases in strength. They also appear able to heal from injuries at a faster rate than normal humans and possess a greater deal of durability to damage. The Felinar also possess a natural affinity to the manipulation of ki energy both on a conscious and subconscious level allowing them to utilize ki claws and other energy-based attacks with incredible ease as well as unlock great depths of power when needed, or lending energy to others in battle when it is actually necessary. Lost energy is regained by the Felinar in a very short span of time, regardless of the amount of energy lost. Sometimes, the energy the Felinar regained is multiplied, as noted by their power level. The Felinar put a heavy emphasis on strength and fighting ability when it comes to importance in their society.


The Felinar also have great speed and agility. They also have much faster reflexes than an average Human; reflexes so fast that they can avoid a bullet or energy beam without much of a problem. Super speed can easily be seen in their fighting skills; their movements occur in fractions of seconds which are not visible to average Human eyes. Their agility is also substantial in their battles and training. These movements can be improved by training, transformations, and other methods. These natural powers of speed and reflex make nearly all Felinar hand-to-hand combat very fast.


The Felinar are also noted for being ravenous trenchermen with seemingly insatiable appetites. Due to their enormous strength and intense aura, their energy and nutritional intake needs are a great deal higher than Humans. They are often shown eating plate after plate of food, resulting in many dishes piling up, often eating more food than logically possible. However, at times, their appetite seems to work against them a Felinar in their tiger form every now and then, or they will become two weak to do much of anything.

Aging, lifespan, and growth'[7]Edit

The Felinar's lifespan is about the same as an average Human, (70 to 90 years, with exceptions, of course). Unlike Humans, Felinar remain in their youth and prime much longer so that they can enjoy battle longer. As far as growing is concerned, this differs by Felinar as it does with Humans. Most Felinar appear to grow in spurt phases. While slow growth does occur, it is just that-- slow. Felinar appear identical to that of a human baby and in their early years, and appear to grown at similar rates. Felinar appear to undergo one final growth spurt between the ages of roughly twenty to thirty, when the body seems to finalize its physical maturity. Growth in muscle mass can clearly be seen, with even some height gained.


The Felinar Clan is actually made of several hundred different families. Over the years through the evolution of their clan and technique the Felinar have adapted the abilities of various other types of cat species and through that the different families have been formed. Each one specializing in a different skill and ability.

Senses '[9]Edit'

His human senses of hearing, smell, touch and taste were about three to four times better than normal and they still possess night vision and the ability to sense faint heat emanations.


Felinar bodies have extraordinary healing capabilities. After a Felinar is healed from a great injury, they will become stronger.

Cat's Eye Beams'Edit'

The Felinar have developed a type of Psychokinesis that could be focused upon a target with either broad-range effect or pinpoint precision, depending on the scope of their need. The range and the extent of damage of the beams are dependent on the clansmen strength and skill.


While in many ways the Felinar resemble the mythical lycanthrope the closest term to describe them, is an animorph. Their shapeshifting ability mimics that of a werebeast but they don't have any special vulnerability to silver, since they can be injured by conventional means and they don't react to the phases of the moon. The transformation in many ways is similar to an aura trigger. Each time the Felinar transforms they pool energy into certain places in their body like flexing a muscle. There is nothing magical to make them grow or become altered in any way. It is the natural state of their souls that forces the change in their physical bodies. The Felinar connection with the saber toothed beast grants them incredible ability because the essence of the tiger is what is reflected within their soul, inscribed in the smallest particles of their ki. All of that changes as The Felinar does. A new layer was placed on top of the base ki. Their soul expands and pushes forth their ki consequently. The human body isn't made to contain that much ki, so their spirit fashions them a new one. That is the thing with ki. People think it is attached to the soul and every time you use it you are stripping away a part of your very soul. That isn't true at all, though ki and soul are affected by one another in different ways. The soul, that curious unseen thing, is like a bow. To gathering strength or energy requires the soul to be able to bend. Of course, the farther you can bend the bow the more power you have, but you can only bend the bow if you have the strength to bend it. Ki is the arrow. Ki without a bow is useless, likewise, a bow without an arrow is equally as useless. From the other direction a person cannot have a soul without ki. If a warrior ever used up all of their ki, their soul would no longer have enough power to tie it to their body. And when the bow breaks, the cradle will fall. A soul is attached to the body's energy and without ki it seeks out the next most compatible source of energy; what most referred to as heaven. The use of ki is important to martial artists as it can improve the clarity of someone's soul, making it easier to gather energy, a requirement since ki builds on itself every time it is used. The essence of the saber tooth tiger has affixed itself to the Felinar’s soul and because of that they gain a very large bow to work with and with that they are able to completely change the form of their soul.


The Felinar are able to morph into a Huge Saber Toothed Tiger with tremendous power. When they change into the beast, they gain all of its abilities while keeping their intelligence and humanity. The color of the tigers fur is the same as the Felinar’s hair color. The tiger transformation is a result of The Felinar’s ki. And just like a muscle, ki can build on itself. Every time you flex it you work it out and strengthen it. Think of a straining muscle when you lift a new weight for the first time it feels heavy and it takes energy to hold it there until eventually your arm goes numb and you have to drop it. Now take that same weight and start practicing every day. Eventually you'll be able to pick it up and lift without feeling the weight anymore. Using this concept the Felinar is able change and change back by sheer reflex.

Hybrid '[13]Edit

The most powerful ability of a Felinar, however, is the ability to drastically augment their speed, strength and energy by merging their human and tiger soul into one. This transformation is the ultimate combination of both the humanoid and the Tiger. After this form is attained once, it can be accessed at any point. In this form the body becomes covered in fur and its frame gains increased height and muscle and bone tissue. Much of this gained muscle and bone mass is condensed and several times as dense as that of a human. As a result, though they are noticeably much larger than in their normal form, they look much lighter than they actually are. The Felinar gains a tail that protrudes from the small of their back, pointed ears, as well as various other cat like attributes. The hair is lengthened, as well. The massive power and speed enhancements brought on by this form easily makes the Felinar nearly invincible.

Customs 'Edit'

You can think of the Felinar as a separate species of felines, in which they have their own customs and language. for example "SHASH MASHA ADARI FOKAN KOHLINJAR" means that you are dissatisfied with the kohlinjar. You can think of it as an insult and challenge. The kohlinjar must therefore prove himself through combat. If he is defeated, then the High Council will select a new kohlinjar.

Kohlinjar 'Edit'

The Felinar clan is a warrior tribe and therefore their greatest warrior is named their leader the kohlinjar. A kohlinjar educated in the Felinar ways from childhood. The kohlinjar, has certain obligations. One of which is to choose a kohlinnor (inner intended) and kohlinshor( outer intended) before his fifth year as the kohlinjar is up. You can think of them as fiances. the kohlinjar, is considered one of the strongest of the Felinar and as such; he is obligated to pass on his strengths and powers to the next generation. To that end, he must select a female that had been born within the clan. She becomes the kohlinnor, or 'inner betrothed.' After about a year, if he has not rejected her or selected a new kohlinnor, then the two are considered lifemates and the Felinar female becomes the kohlinnar, the inner mate. It's their version of a wedding. The kohlinshor can be any girl from outside of the Clan. That's one of the ways in which the Felinar introduces new blood into their ranks. The 'outer betrothed' is given the same status as the kohlinnor and after a year of engagement, she automatically becomes the kohlinshar. Usually, the girl is supposed to be a good fighter.

Names 'Edit'

All Felinar are given two names their birth name and once they’ve completed their training a warrior name.

Surak Nihan 'Edit'

A rite in which all kohlinshors must undergo to prove their worthiness to join the Felinar. However, it is not the strength of body in which the Felinar are interested in, though being a fighter is an asset. It is the strength of spirit that all Kohlinshor candidates must face. The Surek Nihan is a test of not only their devotion to the Kohlinjar, but also their willingness to accept the Felinar Clan as their family. It is a test of not only the body, but also of the mind, the heart and the very soul. The trial is different for each kohlinshor candidate. However their mind and spirit will be taxed to their limits. The trial is intended to allow the kolinshorrrr candidate to feel her intended's most traumatic experience and understand him. It is different each time. It is to test the devotion of the candidate. If she accepts it, she will be given the powers of the Felinar.

Shoka 'Edit'

a subordinate or aide to the kohlinjar. They act as a right-hand man. It is their duty to follow orders and provide the kohlinjar with all the information that they will need.

Neko-ken cleansing process 'Edit'

It is the law of the Felinar Clan that all outsiders who know of the Neko Ken be dealt with. Either by eliminating them or cleansing them and inducting them into the tribe. it is some what similar to the rite of passage. It helps the neko-ken victim accept the fact that the Neko Ken and all of its feline characteristics are part of his or her being. Afterwards, if the person does come out of the feral mentality, then he or she retains the Cat Fist in its most basic form. From that point, the person becomes eligible for clan membership and further training in the Neko Ken. They will not be able to transform like normal Felinar, but any offspring they have within the clan will have those powers, plus any other inherent abilities of the new member.

Rite of Passage

When the Felinar first created the Neko ken they found that they were soon suffering from the conflict between their human side and their cat side. Panthara Kir in his travels discovered that they had been mastering the physical and mental levels of the Neko Ken, but not the spiritual one. The Rite of Passage was created in order to resolve their inner self. All warriors of the Felinar must undergo this ceremony in order to attain true mastery over the Neko Ken. The Rite of Passage is separated into two parts all Felinarrr who wish to learn the secrets of Neko Ken must first overcome certain aspects of their cat sides in order to achieve true mastery. In the first part the Felinar is forced to stay in their tiger form and then walk. Their destination is engraved into their very soul each Felinar has a different one. The journey a cat is for endurance and measures determination the Felinar’s will to survive. The second part pushes their very soul to the limits as it sees if the Felinar is able to accept that feline aspect of themselves, both in peace and in battle. The exhausted Felinar is allowed back into their human form and placed into an empty dark room. Soon the room is filled with cats varying from kitten-sized, to large tomcats. When the Felinar is able to relax and reach peace with the cats they will withdrawal and in their place will enter the Felinar warrior in their tiger form. The felinar is then forced the battle their tiger form with their human form. Both this battle and the cats are happen completely within the Felinar’s mind and the battle’s point is not to over power their tiger or hybrid form but to that they are a part of the Felinar and not not something that should be fought. The Felinar will either realize this and achieve peace or perish.

Clan Abilities:'

The Cat Spirit

The Felinar are able to tap into the Morphogenetic Field of Earth and fuse it with their chi. Allowing them, among other abilities,to become spiritually connected to all things that are feline, including Bastet and Sekhmet. When the Felinar fused their essence with that of the saber tooth they gained urges to express catlike behavior. They began actively trying to suppress those feelings. This caused them to go into battle rages. The rite of passage helped them accept those feline emotions as their own. They became a part of them and with them they learned how to draw out the ultimate power of the Neko Ken from within. In order to bring out the Cat essence, the Felinar must have a clear mind and no distractions. They must then embrace their Cat Spirit and bring it forth. The power takes shape and superimposes itself over the Felinar in the form of their saber-toothed tiger body.

Feline Omnilingualism

The superhuman ability to communicate with, and eventually command animals of the feline species, from domestic cats to feral cats and big cats like lions, panthers, leopards, jaguars and cheetahs. This is limited to felines. One with this ability sends an empathic message to the desired animals and rather than the animal simply understanding human language, the mind of the user empathically translates it into mental signals that animals can understand. This allows communication with any animal

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