Feng shui (風水(ふうすい) lit. Wind-water?) is a Chinese system of beliefs and principles that establishes to create harmony with one's surroundings through the proper arrangement of objects and the siting and construction of establishments.


Feng shui originated in China, and there were originally no one who was specifically an expert of Feng shui, as such, the Taoist priest would handle the aspects of arranging objects and other things, to find harmony with nature, this task is intented for the Onmyouji in Japan.


Feng shui is a magic system that focuses on the arrangement of things in a certain location to create a magic array for a spell that activates the moment the array is created, and its composition is dependent of its contents. The spell makes use of the energy of the world instead of the spellcaster's, as such, any person can create a spell using the principles of Feng shui.[2]

An apt analogy for this would be is that the power of the world is a generator, the spellcaster is a transformer, and the magic array is the circuitry, which is switches on the moment the magic array is created.[2]

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