A forbidden Amazonian sealing technique restricted only to members of the Council of Elders.


The Five Point Demon Seal uses the power of the five Elders to permanently cut off a person's ability to use their ki. While similar to the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion, the fire-based pressure point had reduced its victim's strength to that of a baby's. The Five Point Demon Seal is much more complex and powerful. The Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion is a pressure point combined with a precisely focused shiatsu-style attack aimed at disrupting the flow of your opponents’ ki centers, specifically the ones dealing with muscular tension and muscle coordination. The technique renders its victims weak, it is a strength-sapping spell designed to leave an opponent helpless. They still have the power to muster ki for limited uses, but so long as it is in place they will be as weak as the proverbial kitten. The Five Point Demon Seal however renders its victims completely unable to utilize their ki.

The seal is mainly used on Exiles to prevent them from spreading knowledge of Amazon techniques when they were forced out. As well as strong males brought into the Tribe so that they didn't become a threat.

It takes the power of five Elders to form and reinforce the seal, and the ritual itself takes about five minutes. Once in place, it redirects the energy down the spine and away from the brain negating the victim’s ability to focus their ki.

Reversible with a counterseal which only requires the power of three Elders instead of five.

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