This basic armor also referred to as a "smart suit." is a plasticized metal alloy shell that once polarized by the Shell Forge serves as a skintight, impact-resistant suit. However the degree of durability provided by the shell is directly proportional to the type of metal used.

Perhaps the shell’s most formidable feature is the programmable polymers integrated into its structure. These polymers enable the shell to stretch and contract like human muscle, but with considerably greater force. Hence, the shell increases wearer's natural strength to superhuman levels.

The polymers in the shell can also "remember" movements programmed into them that can be triggered at a later time. For instance, complex martial art katas can be programmed into the polymers that when activated enable wearer to unleash a high-speed combination of blows. The drawback to the Flex-Fiber Muscular Assistance System is that while wearing it the wearer cannot eat or drink. However the suit can serve as a foundation upon which external armor rests.

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