Featuring very few armored parts, this armor is more like a fancy attire bearing reminiscence to a cheetah. Its breastplate takes the form of a very revealing, armoured cheetah-patterned top, with some bare armor protruding from the upper part of it, in correspondence to wearer’s’ breasts, and some fur lining the lower edges. There’s no waistguard, with the armor instead sporting a pair of revealing black short, with a belt holding a cloth hanging over wearer’s left leg attached to them; the arms are covered by dark armbands reaching up just below the shoulders, with the left arm being protected by cheetah-patterned armor, consisting of a single pauldron and a wide arm guard. The legs are covered in similar stockings reaching up to the thighs, with armored, asymmetric high-heeled boots over them: yet again, the left leg is the more armored one, with the boot reaching up to the knee, which is protected by a cheetah-patterned knee guard; the right leg, on the other hand, is covered by a boot only reaching up to part of wearer’s calf. The outfit is completed by a large collar around the neck and by a tail hanging from the back of the shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah’s ears adorning both sides of wearer’s head.

Special Features

Enhanced Speed: This armor increases wearer's speed dramatically, by allowing them to tap into the speed force.

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