Fuji Sukai


No Need for Destiny







General Fuji Sukai was the leader of the Jurai Royal Guard twenty thousand years ago.


Knowing that sooner or later, the Queens of the Empire would bare daughters Fuji Sukai sought to prove himself worthy enough, to be chosen to be an intended of those girls. Throughout his military career; Fuji made himself look like the greatest hero Jurai would ever see. So that it would be mere child’s play to ensure he was chosen to be a groom for a new princess, and soon afterwards, Emperor when the current one decided to step down ... or suffered an ill-timed fate.

So when Ranma and Nabiki were sent to the past he saw them as two nobodies who wandered on Imperial Land that no one would question if they died. So he had his men attack them on suspicion of being assassins. Unfortunately Ranma proved skilled enough to fight the guards off until the Emperor’s Guardians arrived. Fuji’s manipulation was quickly discovered causing him to try to kill Nabiki in a last ditch attempt to save face. However Ranma quickly put a stop to him. With his plans were ruined and the lost of the Emperor’s trust Fuji was taken away.

With the last bit of help available to him from those guards loyal to him, he was able to be freed to do one more thing: seek his revenge. Only to still prove to be no match for Ranma and was once again taken away.

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