Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King is the perfected variation of Hiryu Kanshou that covers user in a sheath of wind completely concealing them.

Description Edit

Instead of using double circulation, snap interlace, and elemental ki separately to create wind and cold. Invisible Air works by having user actually attune their ki with wind ki blending the two so closely that it is quite difficult to discern the difference. This causes less violent reactions between the two sources allowing user to larger amounts of wind ki without the severe side effects suffered in the original.

It creates an aura around user that is made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount, which distorts the refraction of light and renders them completely invisible.

It is rather simple in execution, but it proves tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike the Kijin Raishu Kami Ken the aura isn't a vacuum like, so the air constantly whirling around user is essentially a weapon. It increases the damage and cutting power of their attacks, and the amount of energy released from each strike is high enough that it is visible to the eye. And since user is essentially invisible it also provides for an increased accuracy and defense against opponents as it leaves them constantly on guard due to having no means of deciphering users attacks. Thus they are confused both offensively and defensively. However against an opponent who can figure out the nature of the technique quickly and correct the visual disturbance,  someone who already is familiar with the techinique, or someone with a resistance to visual impediments, it becomes nothing more than a more powerful variation of the Hiryu Kanshou.

It is also possible to implement the barrier on something other than user such as completely enveloping a target in an unbreakable protection. However this is extremely taxing both physically and mentally as not only requires more complicated manipulation of energy, but the bigger the target the more energy requires.

By storing the ki internally user causes their body to feel lighter as well as drastically increases their speed allowing supersonic movements. This allows their body to flow through opponents attacks, like wind flowing around a solid object completely unharmed. However this does have the effect of weakening them physically. Using the compression of the pneumatic umbrella surrounding them, user can decrease the air resistance to zero increase their speed even further. It is also possible to crush opponent into the ground with the pressure.

Notes Edit

Ranma developed this technique after seeing how T-Ryoga utilizes earth ki.

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