Gainen Budo(概念的な武道, Literally meaning. "Conceptual Martial Arts") is described by The Wrathful One as being the absolute pinnacle of all martial arts, supernatural powers, and ki. 


Typically, there is a set of laws in the world of of martial arts in which all beings, regardless of how powerful or defiant they may be, must absolutely abide by. However, there is a way to break these rules, allowing the user to conduct seemingly omnipotent and godlike feats. All aspects of combat such as victory and loss, are determined by how powerful, fast, durable, or skillfull two opponents whom challenge eachother may be. These are some of the most integral rules which decide who the winner of a battle is. For those whom practise gainen budo, trivial and mundane idea's such as "how strong am i in comparison to him" or "am i fast enough to hit him" become utterly meaningless. 

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