Bleach v34 c296 - 04-05


Antelope Knight

Its release command is "Declare" (謳え, utae). a huge burst of spiritual energy that greatly affects the surrounding vicinity is unleashed . bearer takes the form of a brownish-green ibex-like centaur complete with a black horse's tail. a bone-like masks forming long curved horns appear, framing the sides of their face, particularly the cheeks. The shoulders are covered by armored white spaulders that come across the shoulder blade to the neck; they have white armored elbow guards and white armored gauntlets. The parts of the arm that aren't covered by armor are covered with a black material as well as the hands. There is a white armored ring at the base of the tail. A double-sided lance also appears. All these features grant them the overall appearance of a medieval knight or a jouster.

Resurrección Special Ability

· Enhanced Strength: While in the released form, bearers might increases further.

· Enhanced Spiritual Power: While in the released state, spiritual power increases significantly.

· Lanzador Verde (翠の射槍 (ランサドール・ヴェルデ), ransadōru verude; Spanish for "Green Lancer", Japanese for "Jade Lance"): bearer throws their lance at opponent with extreme
Bleach v34 c296 - 17
speed. As it travels through the air, it begins to spin and build up spiritual energy. When it reaches its target, it acts as a drill inflicting extreme piercing damage.

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