The garigari plant is an uncommonly aggressive piece of flora from the deep jungles, where food is abundant and the environment is harsh! In their native territory garigaris are dangerous but largely passive creatures that spend their lives lazily gorging themselves on any animals that wander too close. Taken out of its native environment and into a drier region with less ample prey, the garigari often goes berserk, aggressively attacking any source of food and moisture to feed itself. All of its biological processes speed up tremendously, from its overpowered metabolism to its photosynthetic processes! Incidentally, this would make them a very effective countermeasure for greenhouse gases, so long as you consider bloodthirsty carnivorous plants less of a problem than global warming.

Garigari plants can uproot themselves to walk and they secrete toxins from their leaves that relax the body of their prey and induce drowsiness, which is a necessary aid as they aren't exceptional hunters. Although possessing a primitive brain and nervous system, and being FAR faster than all the plants that can't walk, their vines can only exert so much force and their senses are. They use some sort of gas-detection thingy that has way too many syllables, but they're only good for up to a few meters, and their crude ability to detect vibrations through the ground, while having a longer range, isn't helpful for pinpointing prey. This means that, while vicious, the garigari is an awkward fighter and can be avoided without too much trouble when necessary.

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