Gunner/Ranger (Rank: Sergeant)


Lawful Neutral


Fresh meat, hunting, hard work, honesty, parties, rowdiness


The undead, cats, lying, insects, silver, jokes about his eyepatch


Pistol, hunting knife, Yamako U-77 Sniper Rifle - A spectacular weapon made in Japan using its superior magitechnology, this huge rifle comes complete with a silencer, tripod, scope, disruption capacitor, venom link, and boost mode for extra kick. It's only design flaw is that it's too big for a normal human soldier to carry and operate it properly; Garron is not a normal soldier.

Fighting Style

None, uses instinctual hand-to-hand fighting borne from lycanthrope lineage

Combat Abilities

High at range. Very low in melee. Garron is unusually weak and flimsy for a werewolf, and can be overwhelmed in hand-to-hand by common lizardmen.


Regeneration: Like all lycanthropes, Garron benefits from supernatural regeneration that can even restore lost limbs and entire organs so long as he can survive long enough without those organs. It is unknown why this mechanism cannot fix his defective eye.

Shapeshifting: A lycanthrope has three forms - a human form, an animal form, and a hybrid form that combines the advantages of the other two along with a significant strength advantage. Although he reverts to a normal wolf during a full moon, and a human during a new moon, Garron otherwise spends all his time in hybrid form, despite working around humans.

Garron was a poor, mistreated werewolf who just wanted to be loved... eventually, he was beaten up enough so that he ditched that desire and only wanted to be able to hurt people so that they wouldn't pick on him for being short, weak, and cycloptic. When his pack joined a Death March hunt and was subsequently torn apart by a squad of American soldiers with a support gunship, Garron found that there was a way, and immediately sought out ways to acquire a firearm for himself. Soon he learned that in order to learn how to shoot and access the best guns, he'd have to use those skills and weapons in the service of the humans who made them. "Sure, as long as I get to shoot something."

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