Demon (unique)


Living weapon (unique)


True Neutral


Deference, good cooking, massages, luxuries, hot baths


Other women, getting excessively dirty, pointless violence (not violence in general, but specifically the pointless kind), artifacts more useful than her, poverty


Her own body

Fighting Style

None. All of Gehenna's own combat skills are untrained and reliant on her abilities rather than any particular style or skill

Combat Abilities

Fair. Gehenna isn't particularly strong on her own, but she can turn segments of her body into a variety of blades and bludgeons, and in her weapon form she is all but invulnerable. Most of the time a spark of ingenuity can make up for a lack of brute force and combat skill. As she can absorb magical items and take their forms, as well as replicating their magical abilities, her main strength lies in assisting a wielder rather than fighting herself.

Major Weapon Forms

Thunder longspear, swift rapier, venom dagger, apocalypse bolt (crossbow ammo form), thunder maul, gloomshade great cleaver, soul reaver scythe, sonic scimitar, crystal lance, guardian katana, rusty old katana

A soul-devouring demonic weapon that Ranma's party picked up unwilling after being tricked into confronting her on behalf of Rakkyo, Ranma's old martial arts master/bane of his existence. Claims to want to live a life of peace and luxury free from war, yet she nonetheless displays plenty of violent and demonic tendencies when the situation calls for it. Absolutely terrified of Darkrune, and Rayden, mostly because the latter keeps threatening her with the former. Despite this fear and her own desire to live a luxurious life free of conflict, Gehenna ended up forming a magical pact with Rayden so that she could survive, and now functions as Ranma's primary weapon. Except when she doesn't feel like it.

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