A special mutagen that allows the combining of DNA sequences that normally do not occur in nature to produce a hybrid organism or recombinant DNA sequencing.

Overview Edit

Ryoma Magami reverse engineered and refined the T-99 mutagen from notes he acquired on Dr Emile Dorian’s work. However while Dorian’s research focused on creating man-beast hybrid Ryoma stressed maintaining an entirely human outward form whose internal makeup has incorporated increased senses, versatile physical structures and abilities identical to the animals with which it has been spliced, granting the subject superhuman traits while maintaining an inconspicuous shape.

The Gen-Factor when combined with animal DNA triggers a profound and significant change in the genetic expression of the subject's entire body. The mutagen contains the codes for certain animal traits that are inserted into the subject's DNA. It transforms the way their body systems work, including their glands, nerves, and muscles.

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