Genex Karl






Genex maintains a small, mostly deserted spot of land in what's left of South Korea, though he's been known to set up shop and do his work anywhere he's needed.

Combat Abilities

Unknown. Though clearly a necromancer and alchemist of superior ability, these skills seem to be of a non-combative nature. In addition, Genex's mental incapacities would likely hinder effective combat decisions.

Genex is widely regarded as a fool and a madman. And unlike in the case of a certain veirheelu, Genex's detractors are absolutely right. Genex is primarily a manufacturer of zombies and golems, having devoted his superior lifespan to the study of and creation of magic-based servants. He excels in the creation of advanced undead, which require a notorious amount of effort and study. It was he that created the jakku that attacked Phoenix Mountain and Joketsuzoku, and it was he who created the hamakku, an advanced form of the dreaded zombie assassin. Despite his ability with creating servants, Genex is quite mad and foolish (it is widely surmised that he has let himself be exposed to too much methane and other chemicals during his work), and often lets himself be led around by more competent demon lords, such as Doppler Thaeramon. On that note, Genex is technically not even a demon lord (give that he's an evon, not a demon), and only commands that title because of the undead army that he's created but never uses.

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