Genma Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny








Ranma Kuramitsu (father)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (mother)

Soun Kuramitsu (twin brother)

Kurammitsu Clan

Genma Kuramitsu is one of twin boys given birth to by Nabiki about 3,000 years ago. He named after his grandfather Genma Saotome. Soun has always quiet and rarely showed his emotions while Genma was a prankster, always enjoying yanking other people’s chains. Morally, the two are complete opposites of their grandfathers. They never backed down, never did a single thing that would be dishonorable. Though both also seem to be excellent cooks.


Genma Kuramitsu is a captain of GP with spiky red hair though he may seem air headed, he prefers to think he enjoyed life as it came to him as he lives his life by his father’s motto that “you can’t control what’ll come, only control what you do when it gets there. On behalf of the Emperor he went to his parents to ask that they begin negotiations with the Sol System

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