Village Despot



Daigo is a follower of Daigo Mitsurugi who was left in charge of a Village he took it over. He was responsible for the attacks on Mishima Shinji's immediate family.


Goro is a tall brown haired man in white and black traditional samurai garb. He carries two swords at his side, the usual katana and the shorter kodachi, both black from end to end.


Goro is boastful, and shown to be cruel, seen when he brutally attacked Shinji's family and other villagers with no noticeable remorse. He has a tendency to underestimate others, a trait he would regret when facing Lee, who defeated him by taunting and evading him. He is somewhat cowardly as he easily broke under Lee’s questioning after being defeated.


Daigo Mitsurugi - employer


Goro has shown a moderate proficiency with katana. He is incredibly strong and durable as shown when he was able to ignore the kodachi in his leg. He also has excellent reflexes as he was able to turn against Lee’s attack in an instant and grab him. However is too straight forward in his thinking as he wasn’t able to see Lee’s strategy until it was too late.


Goro is first mentioned when called in by Daigo to deal with Ranma and Lee as a way of testing their skill. Lee initially ignored him and headed for Daigo only for Goro to attack. As Lee evades him he kept kicking Goro’s sword hand in a specific spot until his hand became numb and unable to hold his weapon. Daigo says that if Goro was done already he would be killed. Terrified, Goro tries to attack Ranma and Lee only for the former throw an knife at his inner thigh. Later, after Ayame seals Ranma’s ki Lee interrogates him to find out what she did at first he just laughs at him but quickly answers him after Lee steps on the knife in his leg.   

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