Goto Fude is the man that sent Ryoga Hibiki the scroll on behalf of the Martial Arts Calligraphy school.

Background Edit

For years, Goto had obsessed with bringing his one perfect piece of art to life. He'd dedicated years of occult study into obscure arts in the pursuit of that dream. Finally, after spending five years learning traditional martial arts calligraphy, he had been referred to Sakai-sensei to apprentice in cursed artistry. It was a secret passed down the line of that family for generations, and while Sakai-sensei's actual artistic skills were questionable (that hideous panda being one of the worst examples), he had been able to pass on the knowledge to his student, having no children of his own.

When Ryoga Hibiki placed inquires with the main branch calligraphy school about how to bind and animate ink Fude had been reluctant to share too many of the secrets he had learned, even to another student of martial arts calligraphy as it was a dangerous art. The promise of a government sponsored grant, and a request from the Office of the Prime Minister had helped to change his mind.

Abilities Edit

Gudo is an authority on the Sakai Style of Martial Arts Calligraphy, among others. 

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