Grabber is a breathing technique that allows a subject to be invunerable to the pain or damage caused by any kind of attack, including internal Ki attack, until the technique wears off or the subject reaches their limit and dies from their injuries. Grabber only allows suppression of pain and damage for a limited time period based on the practitioner’s skill with the technique. Skilled practitioners can last 15 minutes but more skilled users can extend that period. The Illustrious Puppeteer, who majors in the art, would more likely die than reach their time limit. One of the best strategies for countering Grabber non-lethally is to cause nervous system breakdown of the practitioner and thus paralyze them.  

The after effects of the technique can be quite severe as practitioners of the technique often sustain further injury while using the skill and when the skill wears off their injuries can be instantly debilitating.

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