A guardian card that grants user unrivaled reserves of energy that is channeled directly into their musculature, generating incredibly high levels of raw strength.

This means that their muscles are powered directly and continuously by their ki, which allows them to generate incredible amounts of physical force in their physical blows and techniques. While it’s common for martial artist to channel their ki into their bodies to provide extra power to their attacks, they cannot do so at the same or similar intensity for much time, only being able to do so in a single or handful of attacks before depleting themselves.  More precisely, martial artist, even those of the higher levels, can only rival or match a user of the Guardian of Hell damage levels by channeling the maximum amount of physical strength and ki into a specific, lethal technique. Even then the amount of force generated is only an approximate match for a single blow from a user.

The consequences of this ability in battle are tremendous most warriors are severely injured and rendered unconscious upon impact, with only those of a very high enough level being able to recover from it. The physical forces generated by this ability sends many enemies flying through the air for a considerable distance upon crashing into an object or the ground, enough to create large craters upon crashing. User can outright disintegrate the opponent on impact. Environmental damage can and will manifest on the ground and nearby obstructions, having walls broken apart, craters forming, and obstacles being thoroughly pulverized. One last consequence of this ability is that at high enough intensities there is a visible discharge of energy, i.e. aura surges.

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