Hachi Houkou Hiryu Shoten Senken


Eight Directions Flying Dragon Ascension Thousand Fists.

This is a combination of the Hiryu Shoten Ha the Umisenken’s Deep-Sea Demon Wrap and the Yamasenken’s Violent Dance of the Demon-God Horde. Also like the Flying Dragon Descent Blast it can only be performed when a surplus hot chi accumulate to overflow in the surrounding air. Though it can also be perform on opponents with strong battle aura.


The Hachi Houkou Hiryu Shoten Senken is set similar to the Deep-Sea Demon Wrap with user tearing up the nearby ground around opponent with their feet. At the same time twist in the bursting heat of accumulated chi in eight separate areas around opponent crisscrossing to each location. User finishes by performing the Kijin-Gun Dai Ranbu forming voids in addition in all eight directions the hot chi begins spiraling in individual twisters that spiral in with each other. The flying debris and vacuum blades dance forming gravity wells that slam into opponent who is trapped in the middle with intense force. Finally the remaining hot chi around opponent swirl about them into eight interlocking and forming twists below. As opponent rises into the air the eight tornadoes swirl into a coiled windstorm that is pulled off the ground by a multitude of growing black spheres that pull in close to each other, trying to crush the opponent between them while succeeding in twisting the eight tornadoes into a single black ball of wind, ash and debris.

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